Question: Can I check-in late?

Answer: Yes, you can check-in late. We have a self-check-in system and will provide you with the instructions. When you make your reservation on our website here, you can add a "late check-in" free of charge when you complete the reservation. You can also request the self-check-in if you want to stay flexible with your arrival time. 

Question: Can I park my car at the Dene Guest House? 

Answer: Yes, you can. We charge £10 per day, you can add private parking when you make your reservation on our direct website. We will reconfirm availability and explain how to reach our car park. We give priority for car parking to our direct customers who make their reservation on our direct website or via phone with us. We only have 2 parking spaces so please make your request in advance to secure a spot.

Question: What does it mean to "book directly" with Dene Guest House.

Answer: Booking directly means making your reservation with us and NOT through travel website such as, Expedia, etc. Benefits of booking directly: better prices, breakfast included, priority for room requests, guaranteed bed preference, better cancellation policy and much more. 

Question: What time is breakfast and what is served?

Answer: We serve breakfast from 8 am to 9 am from Monday to Friday (last hot orders are taken by 9 am and you sit as long as you like in the breakfast room. The continental buffet will be closed ca. 25 min later. As you see there is no rush :)

On weekends breakfast starts 8:30 am to 9:30 am.(last hot orders are taken by 9:30 am and you sit as long as you like in the breakfast room. The continental buffet will be closed ca. 25 min later)

You can order hot food from the menu and our continental buffet offers juices, cereals, yogurts, sweet stuff, fruits and much more. If you wish to come a few minutes earlier, this should be no problem but we would appreciate if you let us know that day before. 

Question: I am checking out early, can I have breakfast before breakfast starts?

Answer: Yes, you can have early breakfast. Please let us know the day before so we can prepare this for you. We offer a continental self-service breakfast with freshly boiled eggs, porridge and much more. 

Question: Can I check-in early? 

Answer: You are welcome to come to the guest house from 9 am onwards to leave your luggage with us. Often we can already give a key or prepare a self-check-in, so you will not have to interrupt sightseeing only to collect your keys. 

Question: Can I check-out late? 

Answer: Our usual check-out time is about 10:30 am. If you wish to stay a little longer in the room, this is often no problem but please ask before. We offer luggage storage free of charge and our breakfast room can be used aswell if you still have some time to spare.

Question: What is the difference between a hotel and a guest house? 

Answer: A guest house is less informal and naturally does not have 170 rooms where one room looks like the other. If you prefer to stay in a smaller place and have closer contact with the people living and working there consider staying with us.

Question: Are there any restrictions on coming and going? Do I need to be back at a certain time? 

Answer: No, once you are checked in you will have your own keys and can come and go as you like, even after midnight. You do not need to let anyone know what time you leave or come back. 

Question: Do I need to bring my own towels, bed linen, hair dryer or toiletries? 

Answer: No, the beds are made by our housekeeping team (Rocio & Kristina) and towels are provided too. Each room is also equipped with a hairdryer and we provide shower gel, shampoo & conditioner along with other toiletries in our shared bathrooms. 

Question: Will my room be serviced during my stay?

Answer: Yes, your room will be serviced on a daily basis to stock up your tea&coffee tray, empty the bins, make your bed and freshen up the bathroom. Towels and bed linen will be changed on a regular basis depending on the length of your stay.

Question: Can I leave my luggage with you after check out? 

Answer: Luggage storage is available and free of charge.

Question: Why do I need to provide an arrival time? 

Answer: If we are not advised of an arrival time, we may not be there to personally welcome you when you arrive. An estimate of your arrival time is very much appreciated for example 2-3 pm. Naturally, we understand that changes happen due to flight delays or road traffic. We also have a self-check-in system for guests who are unable to provide an arrival time or simply wish to stay flexible. 

Question: Is staff available all the time? 

Answer: As some of us are living and working at the Dene, we are mostly there. However, on some occasions, we are also out and about to go shopping for the guest house or simply have some spare time. If we are not in the guest house, our internal phone can be used free of charge to contact us if there is an emergency and the business mobile number is displayed as well to drop us a text message. On check-in, we make all our guests aware how to reach us and when staff is available.

Question: What is an en-suite room? 

Answer: As a traditional guest house we have rooms with an attached private bathroom, these are the en-suite rooms. There are also other rooms where you share the bathroom facilities with other guests. Naturally, we understand the rooms with shared bathroom are not everyone's taste. but we can assure you that our shared facilities also enjoy a very high cleaning standard and are checked several times during the day and first thing in the morning. Some of our TripAdvisor reviews left very nice comments about the shared bathrooms and their experiences.

Question: Why do I need to provide a prepayment for my stay?

Answer: Unfortunately, in the past, we had many guests who simply did not arrive or sent an email the day after that they changed their mind about their trip. We are a VAT registered business employing staff. We have a responsibility and commitment towards our staff and suppliers to ensure their wages and bills are paid on time. Your prepayment helps us to keep that promise.