If you have stayed with us - Review us! Want to stay with us - Read our reviews!


Reviews are very important, they are first hand guest experiences and help travelers like you to make a decision to book or to choose another place to stay.

Also, for those providing the service, preparing breakfast for our guests and servicing the rooms. Good reviews helps all staff member to remember how rewarding running -and working at the Guest House can be and that their hard work is being recognized. Whereas less positive reviews help us to identify areas where we fall short and to improve our services or implement changes. 

We can only encourage guests to let us know if anything is not up to their expectations or if something is not working in the room. A remote control may needs a battery change or more milk sachets are needed for your tea or an additional pillow. These are things that can be fixed within minutes if we are made aware of them. Don't wait until you are at home, give the place where you stay a chance to fix it when something goes wrong.