Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

A unique experience awaits you at the Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe, Scotland's First Dog Cafe and the World's First Chihuahua Cafe!  Eight resident dogs await you inside, free roaming to cuddle, pet and play with whilst enjoying barista quality coffee, loose leaf tea and decadent cakes. 

For those of you who may not have visited an Animal Cafe before allow us to explain the concept. You book a time to visit us and, once inside, our resident Chihuahuas will be roaming freely amongst guests for you to pet, cuddle, play with, take photos or simply observe and enjoy.

We aim to bring man’s best friend to the masses in the same way. We feel everyone should get to experience the special love of these furry beauties and have the chance to form their own special bond with one of the most loving, loyal creatures on the planet. Petting a dog can reduce stress, bring joy and fun in to your day and just generally make you feel loved and valued and all the better for it!

There are also "Specials" such as Princess Party (Yes, the wee divas are all dressed up a fairy tale Princesses!) Duvet Day in comfy Pyjamas (You can wear normal clothes hahaha!) 

Sessions are 50 minutes long and start from £10  For more information or to book your visit please go to our website Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe

We also have a Facebook page where we share photos and videos! Connect with us and join the pack!  Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe Facebook 

The Cafe is conveniently located on Frederick Street , just next to Princesstreet with an amazing view up to Edinburgh Castle and easy to reach by foot from the Dene Guest House.

Bacco Wine Bar 


A true gem for all wine lovers! Bacco Wine - wine shop and bar - offers themed wine tastings every Wednesday night. The topics vary from wine region to method of winemaking, but always have fine Italian wines as protagonists of the events. Blind tastings are held on occasion offering interactive and captivating action in a very informal and friendly atmosphere. 

In the middle of every month the bar turns into a lively public party - Mid Month Aperitivo - Italian style buffet included in the price of a drink. 

Follow Bacco Wine Facebook page to know more events and information. 



Baccu is just a 2 minute walk from the Dene on Dundas Street.